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New Roksan Attessa Range

Roksan have officially released it's Attessa range of next-generation audio equipment. Developed and engineered in the UK, the comprehensive range consists of a streaming amplifier, integrated amplifier, turntable and CD transport. Attessa combines the audio performance Roksan has spent almost four decades perfecting, exquisite industrial design that will complement any interior design vocabulary, and a level of convenience that will introduce a whole new audience to the inimitable Roksan sound.

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The design is approachable and friendly. The materials are of outstanding quality. Ergonomics, whether it’s the haptic, multifunction dial or the comprehensive MaestroUnite control app, are thoughtful and flawlessly implemented. Specification covers every eventuality. And performance, well... if you’re familiar with Roksan you will not be disappointed, and if you’re not familiar with Roksan you’ll be surprised, delighted and in for a real treat.

As you might imagine, the Attessa Integrated Amplifier has a wealth of analogue and digital inputs. The latter is all routed to a high-performance Burr Brown 24bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter, whilst its analogue inputs include a phono stage for use with a turntable. It also has the benefit of aptX Bluetooth connectivity for casting streaming services from a smart device, and more than enough power.

In addition to the comprehensive array of inputs and high-quality componentry of the integrated amplifier, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier has the added benefit of BluOS, the powerful multi-room streaming platform. The Attessa Streaming Amplifier is compatible with more than 20 of the world’s leading streaming services and can stream wirelessly to as many as 64 zones. It has the same suite of digital inputs (all routed to the same high-performance Burr Brown 24bit/192kHz DAC that’s compatible with MQA and FLAC file formats and is compatible with high quality turntables. Wireless connectivity is simple and stable thanks to on-board aptX Bluetooth connectivity. With audio performance delivered by a fully balanced pre-amplifier and a Roksan Caspian-derived toroidal transformer turning out up to 130 watts of power, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is compatible with pretty much any of your favourite loudspeakers.

Shop the all new for 2021  Roksan Attessa Turntable at Emotivv, Cornwall

Because Roksan knows that we’re not about to give up our LP or CD collections any time soon, it’s developed the Attessa CD Transport and Attessa Turntable. The disc transport does exactly what you’d expect - connects via digital coaxial to either Attessa amplifier, and transmits the digital audio information from the disc to the high-performance DAC. Using the MaestroUnite app means an Attessa amplifier and Attessa CD transport combine into a single system after set-up, and the UK-designed custom firmware on board the disc transport ensures error-free, accurate playback.

The turntable, meanwhile, has the purity of purpose that all Roksan turntables have enjoyed. It was developed and assembled in the UK, and comes complete with unipivot tonearm, a high-quality pre-fitted Roksan Dana cartridge and switchable phono stage (which makes it compatible with any amplifier you like). Just like the rest of the Attessa range, this turntable is built to uncompromising standards using premium materials - the platter, for example, is high-mass weighted glass with a bonded aluminium edge dampener. And the chassis design, with its feet designed to isolate it from external vibration, is directly influenced by Xerxes, Roksan’s legendary (and very first) turntable.

From the way it looks and feels, through its exhaustive specification, to the extraordinarily faithful and accomplished musical performance it delivers, the Attessa range is built to captivate - in every respect.


Super-powerful streaming platform has compatibility with the entire BluOS ecosystem, plus more than 20 high-end streaming services integrated, and the ability to stream hi-res audio to as many as 64 zones.

An all-new, next-generation amplifier section, drawing inspiration and technical excellence from existing Roksan DNA.

Because convenience is as important as performance, Attessa amplifiers have an on-board phono stage - so extra boxes or wiring is not required.

Fully balanced pre-amp architecture with multi-layer signal path, star-earthed PCB and power amplification derived from Roksan’s parallel output arrangement made famous by Caspian.

A bespoke app, designed specifically for Attessa, which makes set-up simple, checking for software updates straightforward, and allows other equipment to join a unified Roksan system.

The Attessa Streaming Amplifier features 24bit/192kHz high-resolution digital-to-analogue conversion from Burr Brown who are one of the world’s most respected brands.

The hidden antenna ensures a clean look, keeps signal noise to a minimum for optimal audio performance, and offers high-sensitivity, long-range connections.

As well as that phono stage, Attessa has plenty of analogue and digital inputs - so any home entertainment equipment, including games consoles and TVs, can benefit from the Attessa experience - in addition to Attessa CD transport. The Attessa Turntable is pre-fitted with a unipivot tonearm, a Roksan Dana cartridge and an integrated phono stage - so all that’s needed is mains power.

We have ordered our demonstration stock but have been advised that future stock will be extremely limited due to the global supply situation.
Pricing of the individual products is as follows -

  • CD Transport - £495
  • Integrated Amplifier - £995
  • Turntable - £995
  • Streaming Amplifier - £1495