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Category: Media Wall Installation

A media wall is a modern take on the traditional 'Feature Wall' but uses your television as the centre of attention rather than artwork.

They come in many different forms and finishes including plastered with exposed shelves, integrated media cabinet with doors for storage, acoustic wood panelling to create a seamless finish or stretched fabric for a luxurious finish.

We are frequently asked to install media walls with an electric fire, TV sound system and led lighting. Depending on the design, all Sky Boxes, Amplifiers etc can be hidden in the media wall out of plain sight meaning you can have a dedicated surround sound system without any visible cables.

Something we always ask the clients to consider when asking for a media wall with an electric fire is the fact that this means the TV will have to be mounted higher than recommended which can result in neck ache when viewing for extended periods.

This is a question we get asked a lot, and the answer depends on how you choose to have your media wall built.

You have probably seen Instagram or Pinterest posts showing media walls with a cut out recess for the soundbar, not only does this look like an afterthought but lets consider the fact that you want to change the soundbar at some point in the future, the recess that has been made will likely be the wrong size to fit your upgraded soundbar meaning that you are going to have to modify the media wall.

If you do plan to use a soundbar for your media wall then we have solutions that look attractive and cater for future upgrades.

We can design and install your media wall to create that central focal point you desire. Utilising our experience and your creative vision we can work together to ensure that your media wall features everything you desire.

Using our installation expertise we can integrate your media wall with fully immersive Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Systems without any visible wires, app controlled recessed LED lighting, TV sound systems with audiophile grade Hi-Fi sound.

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