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Roksan are a British company founded over thirty years ago, Roksan is one of the most recognised names in the audio industry. Offering international, multi-award winning products ranging from the highest level of vinyl replay to amplification, loudspeakers and streaming source products. All equipment is still designed and manufactured in the company’s London-based headquarters and factory. Roksan is highly respected by journalists, distributors, retailers and customers alike throughout the globe. Throughout its existence Roksan has regularly produced what can only be described as ‘audio classics’, with each of these attaining outstanding reviews and the highest accolades.

This consistency of excellence has resulted in the company’s highly respected status it attains today, giving customers the ability to rely on any Roksan product with confidence in both reliability and performance.Back in 1985 the company found almost immediate global success and recognition with the first ever product, the groundbreaking Xerxes turntable. This was a unique design that became an audio classic to the extent that a version of the Xerxes still continues to be built in its latest configuration.

This was soon followed by subsequent ranges of electronics and vinyl products. Specialist high-end designs, these set the template for the company that still remains today in that they offered superlative performance at their price point, a facet that was recognised and admired by the world’s audio press.

This constant striving for highest quality sound filtered down into subsequent ranges and products whose names have become synonymous with high quality sound, design, build and value – Caspian, Xerxes, K3, blak, Radius and Oxygene. Although the company’s traditional roots were set in vinyl replay, Roksan is taking a leading role in the development of digital streaming and wireless devices. Combining these emerging technologies with its renowned stringent demands for audiophile performance, Roksan is embracing the new era of top-level audio reproduction whilst still retaining its traditional audiophile values.

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