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A question we get asked frequently "Do I need a subwoofer?" In short....Yes you do. Whether its Hifi, Home Cinema or even wireless multiroom a subwoofer adds a foundation to the sound that makes your experience even more exciting. As we don't want huge Floorstanding speakers dominating our lounge or chosen listening area then it becomes imperative that a subwoofer is added to improve the low end ( Bass ) response.

For a normal speaker to reproduce the low frequencies of a subwoofer it would need to be huge, thats why subwoofers were invented so that the size of your speaker could be reduced. For home cinema purposes the .1 in the speaker configuration i.e 5.1 or the middle number of an Atmos configuration i.e 5.2.4 denotes the number of subwoofers.

Subwoofers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from the small style speaker package subwoofers where aesthetics take leading decision on design to reference quality, larger subwoofers such as the SVS PB16 Ultra or Velodyne DD18. These subwoofers are large but create a performance no other subwoofer can achieve. For the more living room friendly approach the likes of the SVS SB1000 offers a performance far beyond it's price would indicate.
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