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Hifi In Cornwall

Shop our selection of hand picked hifi amplifiers and streamers at Emotivv, Cornwall

Music is such a powerful tool, it has the power to inspire emotion and bring people together. The way in which we have enjoyed music over the years has changed dramatically but the end result is still the same, musical pleasure.

Hi-Fi HERITAGE - In the 70's we had the Hi-FI (High Fidelity) boom. This was when people began to appreciate the benefits of a separates hifi system. The 80's saw the mainstream introduction of the boombox, whilst this was far superior to most Bluetooth speakers of today it was not the most portable. The 90's saw the introduction of digital music and the compact disc player (CD Player) which marked a significant improvement in sound quality. With the turn of the new millennium we were introduced to the internet and a need for compressed music files which drastically removed the quality of music but introduced convenience which led to the introduction of Bluetooth and streaming in the next decade.

YOUR SOUND, YOUR WAY - Whilst a true audiophile has always maintained the pursuit of hifi perfection and kept a turntable along with their hifi separates system many people opted for all in one music systems or soundbars. With the quality of streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal improving massively over the last few years we are seeing a rise in people wanting to upgrade their hifi system to provide a superior listening experience.

HiIFI BUILT YOUR WAY - Our most important aim is to provide you with a music system that will bring a smile to your face that's why we have worked hard around our show room to install systems for different purposes whether that's a wireless multi room system, dedicated separates system, music streaming system and everything else that can provide a sound.

EXPERIENCE HIFI - Our homely music lounges will create the perfect space for you to audition a selection of hifi components to find the right match for you. Whatever your taste in Hi-Fi is we have the products in store and the passion within ourselves to build a system to your needs. Some may refer to us as 'Hifi Experts' we prefer to think of ourselves as 'Simple human beings who enjoy great sound'. The kettle is on, the music is flowing, we are ready to discover your new hifi when you are.

Discover your new hifi system at Emotivv, Cornwall