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Custom Installation

Custom Installation services at Emotivv including TV Wall Mounting & Home Cinema Installation.

Dream Building
Dream building may sound quite extravagant but it is the best way of describing the services we are able to offer you. No matter how big your project is you have envisaged the end result in your mind ( If you haven't then you certainly should ) making you the only architect and designer that knows exactly what you want, we simply use our expertise and knowledge to craft your vision hence the term - Dream Building.

Whether you require a simple TV & Soundbar wall mounting service or a dedicated Bespoke Home Cinema Room we will guide you along your journey to achieving your goals. Our store features many building blocks of a multitude of installations which gives you the opportunity to see and feel how they will work in your home. We can relax and talk over a coffee whilst finding the solution that fits your needs.

You will find a list of services we offer below along with some handy explanations too, so go ahead and discover how we can help you.

Bespoke Home Cinema Design and Installation service at Emotivv

If you have the space to include a dedicated Bespoke Cinema Room within your property then you will be rewarded with something that is as individual as you. Utilising your imagination and our expertise we can craft a Home Theatre that is sure to impress your family, friends and anyone else fortunate enough to be sat in your Cinema Room.

Visiting the Cinema is usually an enjoyable experience but when you walk in and find that the best seats are already taken and someone in the row behind has noisy eating habits this can make the experience less enjoyable. Creating your own personal Home Cinema means that you are not only guaranteed the best seats in the house every time but everything else around you is set exactly how you want it.

If you don't have the space within your house for a dedicated Cinema Room then we could work together and convert your garage to give you a Garage Cinema Room or even build you a dedicated cinema in a garden building such as a Cinema Shed. Whatever your vision we have the knowledge and experience to help turn your vision into a reality. If you would like to learn more and get together over a coffee in our homely demonstration rooms then click the link below.

Bespoke Media Room Installation and design at Emotivv

So you have your shiny new TV (hopefully you bought it from us, if not then don't worry, we still like you ) you have unboxed it and are now trying to fit it on your existing TV stand in the corner, is it working ? Probably not, let us explain.

The most common size for televisions is slowly increasing, at present the smallest recommended for lounge viewing is a 55 Inch. Modern TV's are supremely thin and for some strange reason manufacturers are supplying strange stands that require the unit to be the full width of your TV, in the case of a 55 Inch the width is around 1.3 metres which is bigger than most TV Stands.

Another point to consider is the fact that the corner is not the best place for your television and modern TV's are that much wider that it will have to pulled further into the room to fit into the corner space. Obviously we realise that not many of us have the perfect space for a large TV so we make it work around you.

If your TV has to go in the corner then we have solutions for that, by utilising a full motion wall mount you can push your television back against the wall when not in use, a great idea if you have young children as it will minimise damage. We even offer motorised wall mounts that fold back to the wall automatically when not in use and adjust to the viewing position automatically when required.

To learn more or book our TV Wall Mounting Service then use the link below.