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TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting & TV Installation throughout Cornwall and Plymouth at Emotivv

So you have your shiny new TV (hopefully you bought it from us, if not then don't worry, we still like you ) you have unboxed it and are now trying to fit it on your existing TV stand in the corner, is it working ? Probably not, let us explain. The most common size for televisions is slowly increasing, at present the smallest recommended for lounge viewing is a 55 Inch. Modern TV's are supremely thin and for some strange reason manufacturers are supplying stands that require the unit to be the full width of your TV, in the case of a 55 Inch the width is around 1.3 metres which is bigger than most TV Stands.

Another point to consider is the fact that the corner is not the best place for your television and modern TV's are that much wider that it will have to pulled further into the room to fit into the corner space. Obviously we realise that not many of us have the perfect space for a large TV so we make it work around you.

If your TV has to go in the corner then we have solutions for that, by utilising a full motion wall mount you can push your television back against the wall when not in use, a great idea if you have young children as it will minimise damage. We even offer motorised wall mounts that fold back to the wall automatically when not in use and adjust to the viewing position automatically when required.

Centre Of Attention
If your television doesn't have to go in the corner ( Lucky you ! ) then there are still many things to consider when wall mounting a television all of which we can discuss with you to ensure you get the best from your wall mounted TV. There are many benefits of mounting a television on the wall the main one being safety. Wall mounted TV’s are far less likely to suffer breakages, most of these happen from falling off TV stands and items hitting the screen. Having the TV mounted on the wall hugely reduces the risk of this happening, especially when you have children and pets in the house. Another bonus of mounting your TV on the wall is that it can improve picture quality, it really can. A lot of LED screens need to be viewed at just the right height and angle to get the best results, this is most noticeable on TV’s in bedrooms when viewing from a bed. Have a go yourself, if you have an LED TV stand up and walk around, try viewing it from below or at an angle to the screen, see how the colours wash out or the image gets darker hence the reason that mounting height is a huge factor.

The days of only having one television in the house are a thing of the past, we are seeing an increase in requests for TV's to be mounted in rooms such as the dining room, playroom, bedroom, bathroom and even outside. Obviously all of these locations have different requirements all of which we can go through over a coffee whilst deciding what will work best for you.

Hide The Wires
We know that you want to show off your new TV so all of our installations utilise products and techniques to give you a clean installation making sure that the main focal point is whatever you are enjoying on the big screen. We can mount your soundbar to the television so that they work together rather than looking like two separate components, this means that if you choose a full motion mount that the Soundbar will move with the television. To maintain that sleek look we can hide cables in decorative curved trunking that you can paint to match your room decor or for a more extravagant installation we can conceal the cables in the wall.

As part of our TV Wall Mounting Service we also ensure that all of your connected devices work properly ( Where Compatible ) including setting up the internet connection, adjusting the sound settings to work with your soundbar or surround sound system as well as connecting any games consoles etc.

When having multiple televisions around the house it may be necessary to install a HDMI extender or HDMI Matrix, yes that sounds complicated but that's not for you to worry about as we will be doing the hard work. A lot of us are now enjoying the benefits of watching movies using streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, to get the best 4K experience you will need a strong and reliable internet connection, all of which we can help you with.

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Steve from St Austell
I wanted to move my TV from the corner and tidy up my hifi equipment, Lee gave excellent advice and guidance which resulted in my TV being mounted above my fireplace with all cables hidden as well as my hifi only needing one stand. He also suggested that I connected the tv to the hifi system as this would give a far better sound...he was right.

Ben from Truro
With our ever growing family it became evident that we needed another space where we could watch television. I didn't want to pay Sky for a multi-room subscription but wanted to enjoy the benefits of 4K in another room. Lee advised that this could be done so we went ahead and had a 55 inch Tv installed in our dining room. We can now watch Sky Q in 4k in both the sitting room and dining room as well as Netflix and Amazon. They weren't here long and were extremely clean and tidy, I'm glad I found them.