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Anthem MRX 740
Anthem MRX 740
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Anthem MRX 740

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7 Channel Atmos AV Receiver - Take your home cinema experience to the next level with the Anthem MRX 740. Featuring Anthems critically acclaimed features and legendary sonic signature whether it's music or movies, you will be entertained. Utilise the built in 11 Channel processing to add more speakers.

OUR VERDICT - Okay.......As you read this you are probably thinking "This is what they said about all of the Anthem AV Receivers" well done you. The reason that we have said exactly the same thing is because the signature Anthem sound is present through all of their sublime AV Receiver models, this makes our job easy, thank you Anthem.

What's the difference between the Anthem AV Receiver model's ? Even from the base model, the MRX540, your experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. As you step up the range the number of amplifier channels increases, dynamic range is improved and the overall sound becomes even more fine tuned and refined. Whichever model you choose your home cinema will be grateful.

So as to gauge how exciting the 740 can be we loaded the Blu-Ray of Kingsman : The Secret Service, and we’re blown away by the layers of detail and dynamic subtlety that the MRX 740 is able to reveal.

The film has a thunderous DTS soundtrack, and the Anthem steers through it with a power and confidence that’s truly impressive. The sense of scale is immersive and the surround effects are steered across all speakers with startling accuracy.

Special mention has to go to the stunning extension into the lower frequencies. It’s rare to find bass that goes quite so deep with so much detail to it. You can hear the reverberations surrounding the explosions rather than just the peak, and feel rather than just hear the impact of explosions within the movie.

The Anthem's balanced presentation and detail definition come through brilliantly when playing music. Kylie Minogue's sensual vocals sound graceful and intimate in the Abbey Road Sessions on CD, and there’s a lively sense of rhythm that will get your foot tapping more so than any other AV Receiver we have have encountered.

We could continue on for several pages giving our praise for this rather special range of AV Receivers from Anthem but it would be much easier for you to experience the MRX 740 for yourself. When you are looking for something that little bit different that takes a break from the mainstream then the Anthem MRX range are the ones for you. The MRX 740 provides movies with the cinematic scale and presence they deserve and music with the neutrality and sense of rhythm required to truly enjoy the performance - THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

Home Cinema & Hifi Magic

The Anthem MRX 740 delivers the sound quality you'd associate with hi-fi separates over AV but features the multi-channel flexibility of Anthem’s MRX Series which are globally renowned for their efficient power handling and easy integration into any entertainment system.

ARC Genesis

Anthem Room Correction quickly “corrects” the effects that reflective surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings have on the sound radiating from a loudspeaker, allowing your audio equipment to achieve a more natural sound in any room, as close to lab standard as possible.

ARC Genesis is the newest software that works with many ARC enabled Anthem or Paradigm product. New features include support for both Mac and Windows; new target curve adjustment options including deep bass and high frequencies, improved algorithms and much more.

ARC Genesis is backwards compatible with many Anthem and Paradigm products that are ARC or PBK enabled. This third generation of Anthem Room Correction software represents a significant leap forward in room correction with the most comprehensive set of features yet. ARC Genesis transforms the audio performance of compatible speakers or electronics while retaining the unique character of any room. Proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software works in tandem with a calibrated microphone (provided with many ARC and PBK enabled products) to provide astonishing improvements to the sound you hear.

What Is ARC

The ARC Kit is easy to use, and just a few simple steps can customise your loudspeakers for your unique listening space. Each ARC-ready component comes with a complete ARC Kit, consisting of software and microphone calibration file from the Anthem website, a professional quality mic stand and high-quality connectors.

Place the microphone at each of the listening positions in your room and allow ARC to take a sound sample from each location.

The proprietary ARC software measures the difference between the speaker’s ideal lab-standard response, and their real-world performance in your room. Then, its sophisticated DSP accurately equalises response and creates intricate crossover curves so that the performance of the speakers in your room meets the ideal lab standard.

Designed To Perform

To ensure correct speaker hookups the first time, the latest MRX Series includes colour coded loudspeaker terminals and new colour-coded labelling above speaker specific terminal pairs.

Just like the bigger MRX 1140 model, the MRX 740 is engineered for optimum sound quality. Many mainstream AV receivers that tick the features boxes are made to hit the market at the cheapest possible price. In contrast Anthem engineer their AV receivers with sound quality prioritised first using the best possible components for an audiophile-friendly music and movie solution alike.

Get Connected

Equipped with an upgradable, 7 in/3 out HDMI interface, the MRX 740 supports a wide range of High Dynamic Range video formats. These include Dolby Vision, HDR and HLG. It also supports eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel), the latest Audio Return Channel system that transmits uncompressed surround sound signals, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, from your compatible TV, back to the amp. The removable board allows for future HDMI upgrades (dealer return required).

Wireless Audio

Connect to your network via wi-fi or Ethernet and stream from your music app of choice. Compatible with AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, the player suits most music apps available on Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices. Bluetooth provides a quick and easy wireless link to your smartphone, tablet or computer for simple music streaming. A free, future update will also include support for Spotify and Roon, making the MRX 740 even more versatile.


Anthem MRX 740 Specifications
Power Output 140W X 5
60W x 2
Height 166 mm
Width 432 mm
Depth 382 mm
Weight 15.1 KG
HDMI Inputs 7
HDMI Outputs 3
eARC - Audio Return Channel Yes
8K Compatible No
HDMI Version HDMI 2.0b
HDCP 2.2
Digital Optical 3
Analogue Inputs 5
Multi Channel Out 11 Channel
Audio Decoding Dolby Atmos
Dolby TrueHD
DTS-HD Master Audio
Room Correction ARC Genesis
Subwoofer Outputs 2
FM Tuner No
Remote Control App WEB BASED CONTROL
Wireless Audio Airplay