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Anthem STR Integrated
Anthem STR Integrated
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Anthem STR Integrated

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Integrated Stereo Amplifier - The revolutionary STR Integrated Amplifier is based on an entirely new technological platform, for true benchmark performance in stereo amplification. More power, more control, more connection options, and the most advanced technology available in a single, easy-to-use component.


Sound. Perfected.

More power, more control, more connections, more technology. The Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier will change your perception of two-channel amplification. Now, you can have it all, in one component, with the kind of superior response and realism that Anthem is famous for.

"Anthem’s STR Integrated Amplifier is generous yet refreshingly understated. It does exactly what you want, combining plenty of power and connectivity with a completely even-handed and neutral performance. Phono inputs are excellent and the DAC is extremely natural. Straight out of the box it sounds like a pedigree performer, but dive into the advanced Anthem Room Correction measurement and adjustment and you can fine tune the sound qualities to exactly fit your listening space. Anthem’s deft touch on improving real-world listening is seriously impressive and although I thoroughly enjoy playing with the DSP sophistication, make no mistake, the beating heart of this amp is its superb analogue signal handling."
Hifi Choice Review - Feb 2021

Room Correction

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) is a proprietary digital signal processing system that allows you to quickly and accurately optimise the performance of your audio equipment to better suit the unique parameters of your room. By listening to your room’s acoustic signature, ARC® can tune your equipment to correct for the performance-robbing effects (reflections, resonances, standing waves, etc.) of the various surfaces and other obstacles in your room. You’ll actually hear the difference ARC® makes.

Refined Power

The STR Integrated Amplifier delivers incredible dynamics thanks to a massive, conservatively rated (and “audiophile approved”) power supply, designed with high rail voltages. The advanced-generation toroidal power transformer minimises stray magnetic field radiation and ensures ultra-quiet performance. The resulting power is pure, clean, low-noise; capable of effortlessly and instantly reproducing the full dynamics of even the most complex audio recordings.

Designed To Perform

Anthem amplifiers go where other amplifiers fear to tread, with a well-earned reputation for being incredibly stable under difficult, low-impedance speaker loads. Short path design, superior DAC, and redundant systems (with Advanced Load Monitoring and other exclusive protective technologies) ensure that peaks are surmounted effortlessly, and guarantee a long life of high performance.

Hand Crafted

Anthem STR Integrated Amplifiers are designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada. From the idea stage to the final manufacturing specs, we have complete control over the whole intricate process. We take pride in this personal attention to detail, and use only the highest quality components, many designed and engineered in-house, in each new STR Integrated Amplifier we hand-build for your enjoyment.

Dynamic Reach

STR Integrated Amplifier gives you more options for subwoofer configuration. Use one subwoofer or two for both channels, or two independent right-and-left channel specific subwoofers. The bass management in conjunction with ARC® is uniquely engineered engineered for seamless subwoofer blending, achieving an incredibly accurate and lifelike performance.

High Resolution

STR Integrated Amplifier includes a high-resolution pre-amplifier and a digital section, with support for asynchronous USB up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz sources. This high-quality USB audio input transforms digitally stored audio from your Windows or Mac computer into warm, natural analogue sound.

Anthem STR Integrated Specifications
Power Output Per Channel 200W at 8 Ohms
400W at 4 Ohms
Inputs 4 x RCA
2 x Phono RCA
​​2 x Digital Toslink
2 x Digital Coax
Outputs Speaker
Height 172 mm
Width 432 mm
Depth 445 mm
Weight 18 KG