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Arcam SA10
Arcam SA10
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Arcam SA10

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Stereo Amplifier - A traditional amplifier built for the modern age. The Arcam SA10 combines class AB amplification with user adjustable DACs to get the best from your music.


OUR VERDICT - This is a supremely stable, confident-sounding amplifier regardless of the music it’s asked to replay. Fleetwood Mac: Dreams, shows the Arcam SA 10 Integrated Stereo Amplifier to be something special. The SA10 captures the interplay between instruments brilliantly, and delivers rhythms in a wonderfully surefooted manner. Not only that, it conveys variations of pace beautifully, giving an unusually stark insight into the ebb and flow of the music.

There’s a lovely sense of solidity to the sound, and much of it stems from the amp’s terrifically taut and textured low frequencies. Bass is not only punchy but articulate and subtle too, conveying the texture of low notes really well.

Move onto Adele’s 21 and the Arcam continues the great work by delivering Rolling In The Deep with real passion. There’s plenty of insight here and ability to render vocal nuances with precision.

Along with delicacy, this integrated amp delivers strong dynamics, conveying contrasts with authority. Despite the enjoyable low end there’s a strong sense of finesse, and a lightness of touch which is a trait we have come to expect from Arcam. The same qualities are present for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Orff’s Carmina Burana. The SA10 really is a well-rounded amplifier. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Designed To Perform

The most awaited replacement for the multi-award winning A19 amplifier, the Arcam SA10 amplifier is an ultra-low distortion type Class A/B amplifier that will loom over its predecessor when it comes to performance. The Arcam SA-10 has been designed to set new standards, whether your music is playing via compact disc or streamed from a computer, and has become the new standard-setter in digital audio. The SA10 features five analogue inputs (1x line/MM switchable) and three digital inputs (2x SPDIF and 1x optical). This is a powerful integrated amplifier that has become well known for its fast dynamics, and thanks to the ESS Sabre 9016 DAC, this amplifier offers a superb, low-jitter digital performance.

"There really is a great deal to like about the Arcam SA10. For £699 its list of features and connectivity is hugely impressive and it is an alluring musical companion, particularly through the MM phono input."
Hifi Choice Review - Nov 2018

Sound Components

This Integrated amplifier works hard to maintain excellent stereo separation in order to achieve a wide and deep musical soundstage, all while minimising the interference. The SA10 Integrated amplifier features both a preamplifier and a power amplifier for source switching, volume control and superior amplification.

The design of the HDA range draws upon all of Arcam’s experience as one of the UK’s most respected audio companies, to produce Arcam’s best performing range of audio products yet – using the best quality components and engineering practices, the HDA range is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment.

In any amplifier, the signal path is at the mercy of anything that creates noise within the unit. Thus, we spare no expense in using only the most high-quality components, even if it means the cost of our power supplies overtaking that of everything else.

Tailored Sound

The SA10 allow's the listener to choose between a number of digital filters for use with the coaxial and optical SPDIF inputs. There are three options available on the SA10. Digital filters are required to minimise unwanted antialiasing distortion in the audio band.

Minimum Phase Fast Roll Off (MinP Fast) No pre-ringing and the phase response varies at higher frequencies. There are significantly higher amounts of post ringing compared with the linear phase filter options.

Linear Phase Slow Roll Off (LinP Slow) Low and equal levels of pre and post ringing. No phase shifts but can introduce high frequency aliasing at a higher level than linear phase fast roll off. Very high frequencies will be slightly attenuated.

Linear Phase Fast Roll Off (LinP Fast) (SA10 default) Higher and equal levels of pre and post ringing compared with linear phase slow roll off. No phase shifts and with minimal high frequency aliasing compared with slow roll off.


Arcam SA10 Specifications
Inputs 3 x RCA
Phono RCA x 1
3.5mm Aux x 1
Outputs Speaker
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz ± 0.2dB
Power Output 50W at 8 Ohms
Dimensions 87 x 433 x 310 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 8.4 Kg