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Focal Chora 806
Focal Chora 806
Focal Chora 806
Focal Chora 806
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Focal Chora 806

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Bookshelf Speakers - All of the performance you have come to expect from Focal in a fashion conscious, budget friendly & multi talented speaker. The Chora 806 gives you a taste of the high end.

OUR VERDICT - So, as we all know, the British are renowned for their British Hifi sound. In fact the British are regarded as one of the best speaker and amplifier manufacturers in the world. So why would I be saying this on a listing for a product that is designed in France ? In the past us Brits have normally dismissed non British Hifi, so when a Focal representative asked us to listen to the new Focal Chora speakers to be honest we dismissed them straight away, I'm glad that the representative ignored me and bought them to our showrooms anyway as what followed turns our beliefs in non British speakers on its head.

Once we had unboxed them we were more than impressed at the build quality and we took an instant liking to the Slatefiber drivers. The new Focal Chora are on the bigger side when compared to the likes of Acoustic Energy or Spendor Speakers but around the same size as the highly regarded Monitor Audio Silver Range so space shouldn't be a problem. Once connected to our Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 we are immediately struck at how clean, defined and agile the bass response is from the Chora range. Each bass note has its own texture and hits with no sign at all of boominess, I don't know if that's a word but you know what I mean, In fact the whole driver compliment including the TNF Aluminium/Magnesium tweeter was revealing leading edges of notes that would be masked on a less capable speaker.

When playing - Slow, Kylie Minogue Abbey Road Sessions, the Focal had the ability that only a well designed speaker can achieve, the ability to allow us to sit there and relax without feeling the need to analyse what we were hearing. Switch the sound to a different Genre with a bit of Deep House courtesy of Miguel Campbell - The Night Life and the bass line is infectious. The vocals are rendered with such a transparency that we have to remind ourselves of the modest cost of the speakers in front of us.

Yes the low end is slightly more pronounced than the rest of the frequency range, but when it is so clean and deep you can't help but revel in whatever you are listening to. These Focal speakers are more than happy to be paired with any Amplifier we chose.

In short, don't judge a book by its cover, if you are looking for a hugely entertaining pair of speakers that work in whatever situation you put them in whether that's Hifi or Home Cinema duties then you seriously need to consider these Focal speakers. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Multi Talented

The Chora 806 model is a 2 way bass-reflex stand mount loudspeaker. Its woofer, equipped with the Slatefiber cone, has been tuned to offer voluptuous sound reproduction and a perfect bass impact. The sound finds its full dimension in your listening room, with a dynamic midrange and remarkable power handling. A front port is placed below the loudspeaker to reduce distortion which also means you can place the speaker closer to the wall when compared to rear ported models.

The Focal Chora 806 have been designed to work with both Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems. To get the best out of the Chora 806 we recommend using the dedicated Chora stands.

Balanced Precision

The surround linking the dome to its stand uses a memory foam material called Poron. This surround is directly derived from the Utopia’s famous Beryllium tweeter and reduces distortion by a third between 2,000Hz and 3,000Hz, the ear’s high-sensitivity range. The spatialisation and very low directionality of the inverted dome allow silky trebles to be heard from any point in your listening room.

Slatefiber technology, exclusive to Focal, involves the use of recycled, non-woven carbon fibres applied as a sandwich between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. In their quest for perfection, Focal engineers have opted to use non-woven carbon fibres, all pointing in the same direction to achieve even greater rigidity and better damping. Manufactured in the Focal workshops using an ultra-modern industrial tool, the “slate” effect of the cone provides better damping and rigidity, but also lightness – the three “essentials” of a good speaker driver.

Fashion Conscious

The Focal Chora range boasts a modern design, all lifted onto a tilted stand for Time Alignment, which provides an optimal soundstage, more focused on the listener. The slate colour of the Slatefiber cone adds a final refined, authentic touch.

The Focal Chora 806 is available in three finishes: Black, Light Wood and Dark Wood. On-trend colours that blend into different interiors and lend them a unique aesthetic signature.


Focal Chora 806 Specifications
Chora 806
Frequency Response
(+/- 3dB)
58 - 28 kHz
Bass Driver 165mm Slatefiber
Treble Driver 25mm TNF
Sensitivity 89 dB ( 2.83v @ 1M )
Power Handling 120 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 43.1 x 21 x 27 CM ( H x W x D )
Weight (Each) 7.35 Kg