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Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
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Lyngdorf TDAI-3400

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Streaming Stereo Amplifier - Lyngdorf have possibly created the only box you will ever need in your hifi system with the TDAI 3400. Simply add speakers and hear your music, not the room. Add the 4K HDMI Module to turn the 3400 into a TV Sound System.

OUR VERDICT - The highly capable TDAI 1120 from Lyngdorf sets the standard for all in one systems but the TDAI 3400 exceeds any expectations you could have of a one box system. This isn't just because it has 400 watts per channel of power ( 200 watts at 8 ohms ) but also because it has everything you could possibly need and if it hasn't got it as standard you can configure it to your own spec.

Its extremely rare, especially in this age, to find a product that knocks your beliefs and time learnt experiences on their head but the whole range of Lyngdorf products do just that. Having a rack of dedicated Hifi separates is usually the way a hifi system is built as doing it this way means you can select the components that reproduce the sound that you want but when it comes to the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 we firmly believe that this is the last ( and only ) box you will ever need.

By utilising the built in RoomPerfect you can quite literally take your room out of the equation and just hear the speakers but the built in EQ adjustments allow you to tailor the sound further so that you can find that perfect sound. You can even adjust the input level of a source to make up for a low output on the source device which is perfect for a turntable. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Sound Perfected

Through the web interface you can perform all setup and operations from the menu system, which allows you to tailor your setup and sound, and the digital crossover allows 3 individual output settings. With Lyngdorf's proprietary RoomPerfect™ room-correction software to eliminate the negative influence of the listening room, the TDAI-3400 delivers a perfect sound without the need for extensive room treatment.

"...By now, you will probably have realised that I was absolutely blown away by the TDAI 3400. It is an absolute stand-out product in every way."
The Ear Review - Feb 2020

Optional Add Ons

With the HDMI® module, you can connect up to three HDMI® devices, including Blu-ray players and other sources, to your TDAI-3400 and have just one HDMI® cable to the TV. Simply let the TDAI-3400 be the central hub for all your devices, with no more nests of cables going to and from the TV. Don´t settle for the sound coming from your TV´s built-in speakers; it´s time for an upgrade.

CEC - The HDMI® module is CEC compatible, meaning the TDAI-3400 can automatically turn on and off when your TV or connected HDMI® device does. This feature also enables you to use your TV remote to control the volume of the TDAI-3400.

ARC - The HDMI® module supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), which sends the audio from the TV to the TDAI-3400 through the HDMI® cable. This is the perfect solution if you have a TV with a built-in tuner and you want audio to come from your audio system.

HE ANALOGUE - Supplementing the standard analog inputs, the High-End Analog Input module is the ideal solution for connecting analog sources of the highest quality. It comprises 3 RCA unbalanced and 1 AES (XLR) balanced inputs. Input selection is carried out via the double gold-plated relays, normally only seen in expensive high-precision measuring equipment. Since analog signal levels can vary considerably, the input sensitivity of each input can be increased by up to 24dB. The sensitivity is adjusted in the pre-amp section before it is fed to the converter, granting full dynamic range for the conversion. The A/D conversion is performed by an AKM-AK5394A processor, which, with a dynamic range of 123dB, has proven its capacity to convert music to the digital domain in many Lyngdorf Audio designs.

Streaming Simplified

The TDAI-3400 accepts all media interfaces and features a built-in media player with the highest playback quality. Through your local network or via the USB connectors, you can access your entire library of music through the DLNA/UPnP enabled player.This media player also connects to streaming services like Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, and Airplay as well as internet radio. The TDAI-3400 also supports TIDAL Connect which allows lossless audio quality with the TIDAL app as the controller, and it includes the MQA Core Decoder, which unfolds the MQA file once to deliver better than CD-quality. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. Some of the services available are listed below.

  • Tidal Connect
  • Spotify® Connect
  • Roon Ready
  • AirPlay
  • Internet Radio
  • Network/local file playback
App Control

The “Lyngdorf Remote” app automatically discovers the TDAI-3400 connected to your local network, and you will be able to adjust all the basic functions like input selection and volume level from your handheld device. The built-in media player can be controlled directly, and you can access music files stored on pen drives connected to the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 as well as search all files stored on your local hard drives. Swiping left and right gives you access to cover art as well as informing you of the signal resolution.

“Lyngdorf Remote” app is available for free download from both IOS and Android.


Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 Specifications
Inputs 2 x RCA
1 x AES-EBU (≤192kHz/24bit)
2 x Coaxial (≤192kHz/24bit)
​​3 x Optical (≤96 kHz/24bit)
1 x USB B (≤384kHz/32bit, ≤DSD128, DXD)
Optional HDMI Input 1 x HDMI Output / 3 x HDMI Inputs (PCM ≤192kHz/24bit)
ARC (PCM ≤192 kHz/24bit)
CEC integration
HDMI 2.0a support
HDCP 2.2
Resolutions requiring 600 MHz clock supported
Optional HE Analog Input 1 x RIAA MM
2 x single ended RCA
1 x balanced XLR
Outputs Speaker
Streaming Internet Radio
Spotify Connect
Roon Ready
DLNA Support (uPnP/see DLNA formats)
Local file playback (USB)
Frequency Response ±0,5dB from 20 to 20,000 Hz
Power Output Per Channel 200W at 8 Ohms
400W at 4 Ohms
Dimensions 105 x 450 x 360 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 8.2 Kg