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Monitor Audio C265
Monitor Audio C265
Monitor Audio C265
Monitor Audio C265
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Monitor Audio C265

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Ceiling Speaker - With an improved tweeter and extended frequency response the Monitor Audio C265 offers a noted improvement in performance when used for Multi-Room Audio or Dolby Atmos applications.

THE PRICE SHOWN IS PER SPEAKER To buy the C265 as a pair please add two to the basket. - Let's face it, no matter how pretty a freestanding speaker is, there is no way of hiding it. Ceiling speakers are becoming more common place due to the fact that when installed they are almost invisible.

A speaker can in some cases sound a little bright ( Too much treble ) this is mainly down to the fact that it has been installed close to a wall and the treble is bouncing around the room. Thanks to the adjustable high frequency switch the Monitor Audio C265 ceiling speakers can be adjusted to counteract these effects.

As custom installers we work with ceiling speakers everyday, not all are created equal and we are happy to say that in this price range the C165 are fantastic.

When installing ceiling speakers we recommend the use of Firehoods. Not only does a firehood maintain the integrity of your ceilings fire resistance, it also prevents sound leakage into other rooms by acting as an acoustic barrier. We always install speaker cable that meets the LSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen ) Specification regardless of where it is being installed. This is because the regulations are constantly changing as to where this certified speaker cable should be used. We are here to help with any questions you have about installing ceiling speakers.

Core Performance

The Monitor Audio C265 incorporates much of the technology from their award winning Bronze range of speakers. A 6.5-inch C-CAM bass driver and a more highly specified version of the C-CAM gold dome tweeter offer an extended high-frequency response to 30kHz, as well as higher output and power handling capacity than the 100 Series 2-way models.

The C265's are easy to drive and make an ideal match for the likes of Sonos, Bose and other multi-room audio systems as well as more traditional mini systems and separate component systems.

Optimum imaging and set-up are established via a pivoting tweeter and high-frequency (+3dB / 0dB /-3dB) level adjustment.

Key Features
  • 2-way design with pivoting C-CAM tweeters (15 degrees of play).
  • High overall efficiency.
  • High frequency level adjustment (3dB).
  • Audio match with BR-CP, Radius-CP, Climate 10 and Bronze BR and Radius Series hi-fi speakers.
  • Innovative Tri-Grip® fixing system is easier to install than conventional clamping schemes but provides three times the surface area and a better surface seal, maximising bass response and mid-range clarity.
  • Magnetic and easily removable steel grille.
  • Paint-able surface to blend with the living environment. Additional scrim material is provided for trouble free painting.
  • Fire retardant to UL-94 VO rating.
  • Splash and humidity proof for installation in shower room or pool areas.
  • Features dust protection cover that is designed to prevent the ingress of dirt or dust into the driver and crossover.

Monitor Audio C265 Specifications
Frequency Response 60 - 30 kHz
Bass Driver 165mm C-CAM
Treble Driver 25mm C-CAM
Sensitivity 88.5 dB ( 1W @ 1M )
Power Handling 75 Watts
Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms
Diameter Including
Grille ( Supplied )
Depth Including
Weight 2.4 Kg