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Monitor Audio CSS230
Monitor Audio CSS230
Monitor Audio CSS230
Monitor Audio CSS230
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Monitor Audio CSS230

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Shallow Ceiling Speaker - The CSS 230 from Monitor Audio proves you don't need to compromise due to space limitations thanks to its Super Slim mounting depth. Meaning you can have Dolby Atmos or Multi Room Audio with only a minimal amount of ceiling depth.

THE PRICE SHOWN IS PER SPEAKER To buy the CSS 230 as a pair please add two to the basket. Super slim mounting depth of only 50mm means that this speaker can be installed in places where other speakers can't. Three smaller drivers combine to give the performance of a 6.5 inch driver. Let's face it, no matter how pretty a freestanding speaker is, there is no way of hiding it. Ceiling speakers are becoming more common place due to the fact that when installed they are almost invisible.

Standard construction in a ceiling means that you can usually fit a standard speaker but in some cases there may be pipework or other services that restrict this space. Thanks to the super shallow mounting depth of the CSS 230 from Monitor Audio you can overcome these issues and still have superior sound..

As custom installers we work with ceiling speakers everyday, not all are created equal and we are happy to say that in this price range the CSS230 are fantastic.

When installing ceiling speakers we recommend the use of Firehoods. Not only does a firehood maintain the integrity of your ceilings fire resistance, it also prevents sound leakage into other rooms by acting as an acoustic barrier. We always install speaker cable that meets the LSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen ) Specification regardless of where it is being installed. This is because the regulations are constantly changing as to where this certified speaker cable should be used. We are here to help with any questions you have about installing ceiling speakers.

Core Performance

With a mounting depth of just 50mm, the CSS230 fits where other install speakers wont go. Designed to fit between 2-inch stud frames or where pipework or cables restrict mounting depth, the CSS230 overcomes the trickiest installations. Tri-Grip dog leg fixings make for quick and secure fixing.

The C265 IDC are easy to drive and make an ideal match for the likes of Sonos, Bose and other multi-room audio systems as well as more traditional mini systems and separate component systems.

Using Monitor Audios C-CAM gold treble unit and woofers, the CSS230 offers genuine hi-fi sound quality, with an extended frequency response. The C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium) gold treble unit gives an ultra-extended frequency response for a treble response that's smooth, sweet and detailed. Mid-range and bass is handled by the equally natural-sounding C-CAM woofer units.

Designed for ceilings, it can also be mounted in a wall for ultimate versatility. Finished in a neutral dark grey colour with a white grille that can be spray painted, the CSS230 blends in effortlessly with your décor.

Key Features
  • Super-slim mounting depth 50 mm (2") designed to fit within 2 stud walls or where space is restricted
  • Hybrid CP Controlled Performance style, enclosed or open back-box option provides flexible high performance options and sound isolation in one (pictured right)
  • Driver configuration of three 3" C-CAM bass/mid-range drivers in a radial array around a 19 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter (fixed position) and high quality crossover design offers Monitor Audios award-winning signature sound quality
  • Gold plated sprung push terminals are reliable and easy to connect
  • Magnetically attached Trim-less round and square grille options for discreet, reliable and easy servicing, flexible in-wall/ceiling installation, paintable to blend with decor
  • Patented Tri-Grip dog leg fixings Reliable, robust and quick to install
  • Existing CB6 pre-construction bracket for easier system design and planning

Monitor Audio CSS230 Specifications
Frequency Response 100 - 30 kHz (Sealed)
Bass Driver 75mm C-CAM X 3
Treble Driver 19mm C-CAM
Sensitivity 86 dB ( 1W @ 1M )
Power Handling 60 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Diameter Including
Grille ( Supplied )
Depth Including
Weight 2.88 Kg