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Monitor Audio Silver 200
Monitor Audio Silver 200
Monitor Audio Silver 200
Monitor Audio Silver 200
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Monitor Audio Silver 200

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Floorstanding Speakers - Looking for a Monitor Audio speaker that looks as good as it sounds ? The Silver 200 from Monitor Audio tick those boxes and plenty more. Your Hifi or Home Cinema system will be revived with the spectacular performance from these speakers.

OUR VERDICT - The Silver 200's performance isn’t short of energy. Echoing their premium siblings musicality, detail retrieval and scale. We start with the Kylie Minogue Abbey Road Sessions Album. The songs recorded on this album include her mainstream pop hits but they are presented in a more grown up, seductive fashion. Not only is this album beautifully recorded but it also has flitting tempos and stereo interplay which make for great tests of timing and rhythmic aptitude.

There’s never a dull moment as the instrumental parts switch between guitar strums and playful bass lines. while the vocals consist of sensual nuances.

The Monitor Audio Silver 200's keep it all in check, clocking different dynamic signatures and tracking overlapping instruments in a spacious, orderly soundstage so that nothing feels like a mere footnote. It’s an interesting delivery, and the MA's demonstrate their adaptability as we jump between genres.

Even with something from Daft Punk – whose ambient sounds could easily be deemed uninteresting when heard through dynamically flat speakers – the Monitor Audio Silver 200's have the subtlety to pick out textures and discern dynamics without combing over intricacies.

With effortless concentration they ride the tracks undulating waves of techno beats, taut punchy and punctual through the Silver 200's woofers. The Monitor Audio's ability to anchor the deepest, most foreboding notes allows them to communicate threat and peril effectively.

Monitor Audio have also thought about how the speakers will look in your chosen room, if you like the look of the distinctive drivers then leave them naked. The Monitor Audio Silver 200's are available in White, Black, Rosewood, Natural Oak & Walnut finishes meaning that whatever your chosen style of decor the MA's are sure to complement it. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Power. Precision. Detail

A pair of Monitor Audio’s unique 5¼-inch C-CAM RST bass drivers share the duties of delivering bass and mid/bass. Configured as a two-and-a-half way system both electrically and acoustically, you will be amazed at the magical sound quality that this slimline can produce in your home.

The two bass drivers operate in separate acoustic chambers within the enclosure to provide differential tuning and are divided optimally with crossovers to ensure both bass drivers contribute to the lower frequencies. This ensures only the mid-range crosses over with the tweeter and results in a consistent and precise image, on and off axis. This configuration delivers performance approaching a three-way design whilst ensuring higher efficiency and extended low frequency, yet in a smaller cabinet.

The drive units are constructed with massive magnetic systems capable of deep bass extension. The low-frequency response has been engineered to provide smooth roll-off without exhibiting any of the usual ‘overhang’, meaning that the Silver 200 can be sited close to a wall and provide the ideal blend of domesticity and blazing performance. Diminutive for a floorstander, this model is no slouch. The Silver 200 is a serious audiophile speaker with amazing drive and incredible musicality. The engineering challenge was to create a smaller box with bigger sound; with the Silver 200, Monitor Audio achieves that goal so that you can enjoy your music and films with convincing realism.

"If it’s insight you’re after, the Silver 200s certainly aren’t lacking. They deserve praise for how forgiving they are when fed lower resolution files and coarse bedroom recordings, treating them as pieces of music rather than exposing their shortcomings at the expense of enjoyment. The only real surprise would have been if these new speakers had disappointed, but in fact they’re probably Monitor Audio’s finest Silver Series floorstanders yet."
What Hi-Fi? Review - August 2017

Key Features
  • Two-and-a-half-way, three-driver configuration
  • Differentially-tuned acoustic system means high efficiency with powerful low-frequency extension
  • 25 mm C-CAM, (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) tweeter featuring vented Neo magnet system optimised for lower distortion and cleaner sounding highs
  • 5¼-inch bass and 5¼-inch bass/mid drivers with ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for better damping and improved mid-range clarity
  • RST Cone profile for improved diaphragm rigidity and lower distortion

Monitor Audio Silver 200 Specifications
Silver 200
Frequency Response 38 - 35 kHz
Bass Driver 133mm C-CAM RST
Bass / Mid Driver 133mm C-CAM RST
Treble Driver 25mm C-CAM Gold
Sensitivity 89 dB ( 1W @ 1M )
Power Handling 150 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 918 x 232 x 307 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight (Each) 14.6 Kg