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SVS Prime Pinnacle

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Floorstanding Speakers - The flagship speaker in the Prime series performs true to its status thanks to it's plethora of drivers including a dedicated midrange. The SVS Prime Pinnacle truly is a tower of power.

Style Meets Substance

The ultimate expression of what SVS sought to create with the Prime Series loudspeakers is epitomised in Prime Pinnacle. Audiophile refinement and musicality without sacrificing wide dynamic range, deep, effortless bass and all the excitement of a world-class loudspeaker.

SVS acoustic engineers spent more time voicing Prime Pinnacle than any speaker in SVS history, in large part to create a loudspeaker that was equally suited to meet the demands of both discerning audiophiles and hardcore home theatre fans. To go even further, Prime Pinnacle’s cabinet design was made to blend seamlessly and sound amazing in any listening environment.

World-class performance in both a two-channel HiFi stereo or an immersive home theatre surround sound system, Prime Pinnacle is unrivalled in its class and well-beyond.

The bass response is very good; it is powerful without being excessive and has enough low-frequency extension that subwoofers are certainly not a requirement to get a full sound from these speakers.
Audioholics Review - July 2019

Sound Components

All-New 5.25" midrange driver with composite Glass-Fiber cone delivers pinpoint accuracy and broad soundstage for more immersive audio experiences. The majority of audio content in music and movies is present in the midrange frequencies so it’s imperative to have a driver capable of producing slam and impact as well as subtle details with tonal accuracy. Prime Pinnacle’s midrange borrows design elements from the reference Ultra Series to deliver uncompromised audio performance at all drive levels.

Effortless low frequency output and impressive deep bass extension from three 6.5” woofers lays the sonic foundation for all audio content. Engineered to convey the full thrill and excitement of cinematic blockbusters yet refined enough to handle the pluck of a bass guitar string and subtlest musical details with convincing realism, Prime Pinnacle delivers an amazing full-range listening experience with all audio content. By using three smaller woofers, each with its own 2-inch port, the new floorstanding speaker effortlessly conveys low frequency output while maintaining a slim profile that fits in any room or system.

Premium 1” aluminium dome tweeter renders crystal clear highs with lifelike realism even at reference volume. Light, efficient and impervious to distortion, the tweeter’s airy’ presentation effortlessly reveals every sonic detail with pristine clarity and unerring accuracy. The FEA-optimized diffuser ensures broad dispersion for a wide and convincing soundstage with pinpoint on- and off-axis frequency response so everyone in your room is treated with the same amazing audio experience.

Tower Of Power

Four self-contained, acoustically tuned internal chambers eliminate any potential for resonances or sonic artefacts from the enclosure, resulting in pristine audio playback across the frequency spectrum. Tapered edges on the Prime Pinnacle speaker’s front baffle, known as chamfers, minimise edge diffraction for a clear and precise soundstage while features like shorting rings and tweeter diffusers provide acoustic enhancements with modern, high-end visual appeal.

Individual tuning frequencies and separate sub-enclosures for the trio of woofers epitomises the no compromise design approach taken with Prime Pinnacle. This design ensures all drivers blend seamlessly together so you get silky-smooth transitions from the midrange driver to the woofers as well as accurate frequency response, amazing refinement and crisp speed in transients; all without sacrificing deep, room-energising bass.


SVS Prime Pinnacle Specifications
Frequency Response 29Hz - 25kHz (+/- 3dB)
Bass Driver 6.5 Inch X 3
Midrange Driver 5.25 Inch
Treble Driver 1 Inch
Sensitivity 88 dB
Power Handling 300 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 1050 x 210 x 360 MM
( H x W x D )
Weight 25.9 Kg ( each )